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Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok International Airport)

The Batcave 

Udee Bangkok Hostel

Places Only in Bangkok

Jim Thompson House 

Live silk extraction from silk worm at Jim Thompson's House

Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

BACC could possibly be just one of the main reasons why I loved Bangkok the first time! The travel to and fro. The bridge connecting to it. The Gallery Drip Coffee Shop just the ground floor. The live art sessions. The artworks. The experience. It's a perfect cultured date place, if you ask me. 
Gallery Drip Coffee Shop details

Gallery Drip Coffee Shop merchandise

Gallery Drip Coffee Shop

On-the-spot portrait sketching at the BACC

Dating lovers outside the BACC

hard at work

Yes, because art is freedom :p

Love this set!

Loved the exhibit, pardon the blurred photo

One giant canister. This would be a character of a laundry hamper

Artwork: Evolution of something :D

BACC lights

What's happening outside the arts and culture center

Chatuchak Market

It's all about the hair

Khao San Road

Head on over to Khao San Road for some authentic Thai food trip and a bit of Bangkok items shopping on the side. We walked the whole mile stopping and trying to taste whatever the street peddlers with carts might have. I basically munched on fruits and rotis and a few dumplings. I am not a foodie and not adventurous with food at all. So I had a more interesting time street photographing, and boy did I capture a lot!

We have Recto University? They have that, too!

In the mood for some Roti

Granny on a badass scooter

Snacking on coconut flesh

Working on some Bangkok trendy hairstyle

Bracelet-making in action

A little rest maybe?


And that's how they afford backpacking the world

McDonald's delivery!

The Grand Palace

When they said wear decent clothes, they mean that! They won't allow you just covering up with a shawl or a wrap-around. I had to rent(!) a skirt for a dollar just to be allowed in to the Grand Palace. 
Lines get too overwhelming so avoid holidays and weekends, and preferably the scorching hot weather of summer.

What a classy piece of architecture. Navy blue windows for the future house maybe

Here begins the chaos

Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)

Wear socks if you're hesitant to go barefoot

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Wat Arun is the reason why we had to take the water taxi. It is situated on the other side of  the canal. Once you cross and hop off the boat, a quiet little area, ideal for some introverted time, welcomes you.

We didn't brave hiking the temple as we were running low on energy by mid-afternoon. We just enjoyed the view with coffee and refreshments at ground level.

A little misplaced but well, uhm a monk (and an iPad) being touristy

Only for the brave and the fit

Oh to travel and to grow old together, that's the goal

Things people do in Bangkok--chill outside the temples by the canal

A fusion of a lot of things

Streets of Bangkok

The Ride 

Water Taxi

The first time I heard of a water taxi was in Venice. It's basically a city on water so it made a lot of sense that even their modes of transportation are named as such. When I learned that Bangkok banked on their canals and actually made it a tourist experience, and an actual local's transportation, a tinge of envy crawled on me. It was a lot like Venice, I said; an Asian counterpart.

It was pretty cheap at about 2.50 BHT to cross to the other side.

And he wonders, why them?

BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) or Skytrain

Bangkok's train system is user-friendly and really convenient. A little dose of envy got over me again. Philippines, we can do this.


We had a bitter-sweet moment riding a tuktuk. 

It needs to be told so that no one falls a victim the next time. 

We were walking, exploring the places and had to hail a ride. We were talking to a local then and he kindly got us one and talked to him to bring us to where we wanted. He was a nice guy. We were going where we were supposed to go. Then he asked that we stopped by this one tourist place that sells jewelries, he asked us so he can get a free gasoline coupon. We didn't think it was in any way inconvenient and we thought it would help the guy earn more. And then to cut it short, we passed by about 3-5 places out of our itinerary, all commercial stops for tourists with expensive merchandise. We would have not minded since we were enjoying the ride and we were going to more places, and we were meeting more locals and tourists, too. It was all fine. Until he sent us to our last temple stop, which was really our original destination. We hopped off and turned the tourist mode on. We agreed that he'll wait like he used to about an hour or so of being together. But then when we went out after about 15-20 mins, he was nowhere to be found We thought he just had to move, pee, buy something, do errands, had an emergency, and so we waited for a bit. We asked around for him; the drivers might know each other. Only when one guy smirked and we got the clue. We've been "scammed". We were a bit saddened by it because we thought we were having a good time together, taking pictures and being nice to each other. It was just one more stop and then we're done. it could've been so easy to wait up and end in a good note. We were not harmed, snatched, or robbed, but it changed the way we see our tuktuks, the locals, and Bangok in general.

What one man does can affect the whole experience.

We didn't let that hump dictate our trip, of course. We dusted it off and turned it around. It was just a little heart-breaking because we liked the guy.

So beware, be aware. The gas-coupon script is a modus.


I was pretty impressed with the Bangkok street fashion scene. One more reason why I liked it here.

Texture and character, these are the 2 words that can best describe Bangkok. You need to experience these to understand what it means. I implore you to book and have a time of your life in Thailand's capital. It's one of the cheapest ways to change your life.

I put together a Bangkok Travel Guide on Check it out for itineraries, budget, and other travel notes.

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