Tuesday, April 21, 2015

San Pablo, Laguna

There are several attractions to experience in the long stretch of Laguna. Our Southern road trip led us to what delightful site tucked without flocks of tourists in San Pablo-- The Lake Sampaloc.

A little help from Google and I learned that this is the largest in the 7 lakes of San Pablo, Laguna (and whoa, there were 7 of them!) It is an inactive volcanic crater, too!

Marvel on the beauty! It's a perfect spot for contemplating. A quiet little corner, simple life. Beauty.

If you're having travel withdrawal and want a quick little dose to soothe you, Region 4 in the South is close by. Assemble the troop, have the SUV checked, and head to the Southern road trip trail! Laguna-Quezon provinces offer a looot of no-rave delightful discoveries. This beautiful Lake Sampaloc is just one dot in this loooong road down Luzon.

Travel doesn't have to burn your pocket. Just a little creativity (including Google research skills), a free spirit, and you have endorphins swimming through your bloodstream!
Travelthon No. 01032014-1A

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ati-Atihan 2014, Kalibo, Aklan

Colors, beer, dance, and drums.

My first Ati-atihan Festival experience and it was indeed the mother of all festivals! It was tons of crazy, alcohol-fueled merry makers, eardrums-busting drum beats, and colorful energetic men and women in masks and costumes!

We really know how to have fun. And the overwhelming number of foreign people that I saw, they came in prepared with their best crazy antics, as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A thoughtful surprise waiting for me in my Travel Ilocandia "Ilocos Sur" room

The Batcave 

Travel Ilocandia Transient House


Laoag International Airport

Laoag Airport has got to be one of my favorite airports in the country. It is full of character true to the Ilocano culture and heritage. The boarding area was a museum-in-waiting. Instead of boring yourself for an hour or so waiting to fly, you are provided with nice-to-know information about the must-see destinations-- a bit of a social studies brief. I like it! Haven't seen such beautifully executed local showcase that's so on point.

Places Only in Ilocos

Malacanang Ti Amianan

The rest of the country can learn a lot from the tourism chops of Ilocos. Malacanang of the North is one accurate example-- well-maintained, tastefully designed heritage site with eloquently trained young tour guides. It was a pleasant experience despite the scorching heat of the sun. I wanted to take home some of the pieces of furniture or copy the interior.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Las Vegas

The 2nd leg of my US trip. From San Francisco to Las Vegas.

This has long (18-months long) been in my drafts and everytime I try to bake the words to tell the story, nothing good comes out.

Now I understand why.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Oslob, Cebu

A few days out to the last quarter and I'm definitely running low on enthusiasm, among many other things.

This was a birthday get-away. A much needed stepping back. A deep breath.

Monday, July 7, 2014

San Francisco

Back Story

Like a gene, the American dream has been in-borne in (almost) every Filipino. We grew up in giant cans of finger-coloring Planters Cheeseballs and triangles of Toblerones from US base Duty-Free Ports. We learned our first vocabularies from American pop songs. We built dreams from the infinite pool of Hollywood movie scenes that have swooned us over. Dream men included :p.

It would be easy to understand that we all have our magnified and photoshopped image of how the "greatest country in the world" would be like. It's definitely in the bucket list.

First chance I got, I didn't pass up on my mom's invitation and obliged to march and queue up to a Travel Expo. The airfare was irresistibly half the normal price! (I will be advocating for this travel expo for the rest of my life!)

The Trip

The first leg of my America initiation trip was San Francisco. As soon as I landed in San Francisco International Airport, boy did I think I was back in NAIA. The arrival area was flocked with men and women of my same make, only in slanged accents and a lot of super thin eyebrows!

San Francisco is a city brimming with art and soul, and one ambivalent weather, too! San Francisco could just be rightfully nicknamed the city of layers!

Without further blah, this is San Franscisco in pictures.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


No photographs nor words can capture the magic of Batanes enough. One needs to be there to understand the raves. To experience. To feel. To see. To hear. To be captivated. I can only try.



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